Interview on travel safety with Leo J Maloney spend 35 years working as a "black ops" operative for a "Mission Impossible" type agency. In 1966 he was recruited to become a black ops contractor for a clandestine government agency after he entered the US Army. He traveled the world - to Vietnam, Cambodia, Kuwait, Israel, Libya, the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and other strategically important hotspots. His new book is a quasi-memoir of his Black Ops days.

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Leo J Maloney - retired Black Operative & author of "TERMINATION ORDERS: Code Name, Cobra" Interview, Travel Safety TipsLeo J Maloney spent 35 years as an independent black operative working all over the world on covert missions.CLICK TO PURCHASE your own copy of Author Leo J Malony's quasi-memoir novel: TERMINATION ORDERS: Code Name, Cobra by clicking here.







TERMINATION ORDERS: Code Name Cobra goes into a second printing

TERMINATION ORDERS: Code Name Cobra is action filled from beginning to end. It’s a study of how evil can be overcome when people with integrity and honor carry out their missions and live their lives. Follow retired Black Ops Agent Dan Morgan from New England to Washington, DC to the Mid-East and back again as he confronts deceitful, murderous and corrupt government officials and double agents. It’s a book you will not want to put down.” – Leo, Thanks for the book and our interview on traveling safely. - Bruce Oliver, Cruise with Bruce Radio



Leo J Maloney, retired Black Operative is the author of the novel: Termination Orders: Code Name, Cobra

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  Leo J Maloney - Retired Black Ops agent - author TERMINATION ORDERS - talks Travel Safely

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Listen to this program where Black Operative, Leo J Maloney's a guest on the Cruise with Bruce radio show. The subject of the interview, travel safety. Listen to the same tips that Leo gives his family and friends who travel. How to traveling safely through cities, hotels and airports, what to look for and what to do to increase your personal safety while traveling. <Click Here for Info> He also talks about his life as a black operative, actor and author of the quasi-memoir novel "TERMINATION ORDERS: Code Name Cobra" based on his time working in covert operations. Widgets

Leo J Maloney was born in Massachusetts, where he spent his childhood and graduated high school and Northeastern University. In 1966 he was inducted into the army and during basic training he was recruited to become a black ops contractor for a clandestine government agency, and his life changed forever. He traveled the world - to Vietnam, Cambodia, Kuwait, Israel, Libya, the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and other strategically important hotspots. As an independent contractor, he was never required to accept a particular assignment, but rather selected ones that met his criteria that it was in the best interest of the country, although once a mission was underway, there was no turning back. Unlike many of his peers, he lived to tell the tale.

While he was serving his country in the secretive world of black ops over a period of 35 years, he operated several "cover" businesses including a classic car brokerage, promotions and limousine companies, and a detective agency. During that time he worked in the most secretive and dangerous areas of law enforcement. In order to publish his quasi-memoir narrative, a masterly blend of Black Ops intrigue had to be cleverly interwoven with imaginative sequences of fiction. The reader must guess which accounts are real and which are merely storytelling, much like the CIA Operatives must "call" the blurred lines between money and politics, between U.S. Corporatocracy and the government "of the people," all in a split-second life and death decision made in our name.

After leaving his career in black ops, Leo continued several of his cover businesses, and also had the opportunity to try his hand at acting in independent films and TV commercials. Leo has 10 movies to his credit both as an actor and behind the camera as a producer, technical advisor, and assistant director. He performed dual roles as a featured performer (a Boston Police Captain) and technical advisor in the movie 27 Down. He is the associate producer for the disaster film CO2, and he both performed the role of Judge and was the producer for the Christian-themed Luke Eleven. Leo has appeared in several other films, including Revenge as Special Agent Andrew Garnell of the FBI in Boston.

Having discussed some of the details of his secret life as a black ops contractor, with his confidants and family, they were fascinated by his stories and encouraged him to write a book. Over a two year period, Leo worked with an assistant writer, reliving many of his experiences and evolving them into his first novel: "Termination Orders, Code Name Cobra"

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