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Where do i search for apartments for rent in Lagos Nigeria?

Q: Hello, I am looking for a residential apartment to rent in Lagos, Nigeria. Can anyone help me out with a reliable real estate agency? I will also like to know the possibility of renting a commercial property in Victoria Island, Lagos. Any hint? Thank you.

A: call this number and ask him to get you an apartment in lagos 08030517166.


  • Maverick says:
    GO ONLINE and look for real estate agent in Lagos
    or try real estate for sale
  • Eccentric_fly says:
    Saying you're looking for residential and commercial apartments in Lagos is a little vague. What exactly do you wanna do in Lagos? Reason why I'm asking is to determine WHERE in Lagos will be suitable for you.

    Anyways, I'm not into property but can recommend these two agency s. They've been around since the eighties, they are well established and most of all reliable. They might cost you a little more than using the average street agent but your guaranteed your money's worth.
    Hope it helps.
  • Chris says:

    Lagos is quite big, you may want to limit your search by either choosing to live in Lagos Mainland or Lagos Island. I will advice you live in the mainland if you run your daily activities and business in the mainland. On the other hand, i will advice that you live in the Island if you run most of your business in the Island. This is because Lagos is quite strategic and a very busy place as such. It is possible to end up spending 2 hours in traffic for a 30 minutes journey.

    It is very possible to rent a commercial property in Victoria Island depending on the purpose for which you need it. I advise that you provide your agent with every detail in order to limit the search and for you to get the best of your request in the shortest possible time. A good real estate agent will ask you some series of questions before making arrangement for viewing. I can recommend two reliable estate firms in Lagos.
    1.) Apro Global Realty
    2.) Jide Taiwo & Co

    A good real estate agent will definitely put you through

living in Lagos, Nigeria?

Q: I am looking for cheep apartments, homes, bungalows for rent in Lagos or any city nearby. I'm not looking for anything beautiful or extravagant.

A: First thing you should be looking at is safety/security. Are you new in Lagos? Just got a job there? Like almost every other city in the world, prices vary based on the location. If a job is what awaits you in Lagos, I suggest you take other issues into cognesance before you put a tag on your house.

My advice is that you pick a house close to where you work (if it's secure enough). To be a little more detailed, if you work on the mainland, try find a place on the mainland. If you work on the island, do the same. Houses on the island are generally more secure, ambiance and environment serene but as expected, expensive.

If you could supply more details, I can give you estimated prices.


  • Hangtime USA says:
    Go talk to folks in Lagos directly and see what they know?

    afrointroductions dot com
  • AJ says:
    Are you from Africa? Nigeria is a pretty rough place to live if you're a foreigner..

13, kayode st., abule-ijesha, yaba, lagos, nigeria, 23401 is it a home, apartment or hotel address.?

Q: does this address excist..??????

A: There is no such address. A similar address is used in online dating scams where they ask you to send money to them via Western Union

And 13 Kayode Street belongs to a church


  • Michael V says:
    It is a scam no doubt. There is no such adress.Totally fictious.
  • Ghana Banana says:
    The address doesnt exist

Western union in Lagos, Nigeria for recieving money only and can&#39;t operate for sending money?


A: Western Union in Lagos, Nigeria is for receiving and SENDING money. YES, someone in Lagos, Nigeria CAN send money from a Western Union counter.

All anyone needs to send money is:
1) A first and last name to use on the form as the sender's name
2) A first and last name to use on the form as the receiver's name
3) Money

All anyone needs to pick up the cash is:
1) The first and last name used on the form as the sender's name.
2) The first and last name used on the form as the receiver's name
3) The eight or ten digit money transfer control number (MTCN#)
4) The test question and answer

And, all too frequently, only one or 2 of above listed requirements are actually needed to pick up the cash and disappear.

That is it, no ID required.

If you are:

1) sending money as part of a work-at-home job
2) buying from a website
3) buying a pet or car/truck/trailer/motorhome/caravan
4) helping an online boy/girlfriend
5) paying taxes/fees on a loan/lottery/draw/government grant
6) paying visa/bank/airline/travel fees
7) paying deposit/rent for an apartment/house
8) paying banker/barrister/lawyer/court fees
9) paying a transportation/courier/shipping company
10) receiving/forwarding money onto someone or some company

Then you are being scammed.

Just keep in mind that Western Union and moneygram are unsafe and unsecure ways to send money.

Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off the cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country the money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever.

If you google "Western Union scam", "fraud moneygram scammer" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims who lost money via Western Union and moneygram.

What do they have for Housing in Nigeria?

Q: answer as many as you can they don't all have to be answered but very helpful!
Styles of houses
Materials Used
Use of Rooms
Shape, Size
Arrangement of furniture
Thanks A BUNCH!

A: Normal houses?

I live in Lagos, Nigeria and houses are pretty normal- blocks of flats/ apartments, bungalows, detached houses, mansions, etc.

The most common building material is cement blocks. Some use red bricks as well.

Use of rooms: normal stuff? I would think just about everyone has bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms. We also have a library in my house, a computer room, a lesson room where we had lessons after school as kids/did our homework, guest bedrooms, a waiting room (after the entrance to the house and before the living rooms where guests/visitors wait till the person they are coming to see is called downstairs)

Shape and size: Different shapes, really. Architects design houses of different shapes and sizes, just like anywhere else in the world.

Arrangement of furniture: that depends on the people living in the house- some would arrange it themselves, some would get interior decorators, but everyone's house is different, really.

So that you can get visuals, I'm going to include some pictures of homes in Lagos. Click the links to view the pictures. These are homes around where I live in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria:

Also, here are some pictures of apartment buildings:

And here's a building near my house I quite like called the civic centre:

Yeah, so basically, housing in Nigeria is pretty normal. In the past, we had mud huts in the rural areas. In very rural areas now, you can still find houses made of mud, see picture below:

Hope that helps!













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Apartments in Lagos Nigeria

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