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any one tell me a nice restaurant in Karachi pakistan?


A: Karachi has some of the best restaurants in Pakistan, take a look here :


  • jonathan st.thomas says:
    Explore the internet by typing the words Restaurants In Karachi,Pakistan
    in the search box of Google Maps at

Best Restaurants for Singles in Karachi?

Q: No so expensive, not so cheap just in between of 2 extreme
a place for zingle men, i think all of them are ok. thankzz to all

A: purple haze?!

if its nothing to with being trendy, i'd recommend Bundu Khan (university road opp urdu university, smchs near nando's, m.a jinnah road, super highway near bakra mandi)

then there is Mr. Burger (rashid minhas rd near nipa, bahadurabad near nina's)

or SUBWAY [i like their 6-inch sandwich for 100/-!] (rashid minhas road near nipa, sharaefaisal near smchs-sharaefaisal intersection)

then there is pizza experts (near jauhar morr opposite lasania restaurant)

or u could go for some of the restaurants in the Boating Basin Food Street or the Hussainabad Food Street.

then there are gazillions of cheap to moderately priced restaurants in bahadurabad (raju snackbar, tooso) and saddar (jan's chicken)

also check out the mini-food streets of bahadurabad


  • BikeR Bee says:
    Alpha Restaurant
    Sarwer Shaheed Road,Saddar
    Ph. # (92-21) 5214177

    Rock Garden
    B-92,Block-L,North Nazimabad,Allama Rasheed Turabi Road, Karachi-74700
    Ph. # (92-21) 6649735
    Fax # (92-21) 6649564

    Bar-B-Q Tonight
    Comm.5/1, Boating Basin, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5832841-5867280-571673
    Bundu Khan Kababwalla
    M.A.Jinnah Road, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 7780612

    Burger Hut
    870-C, Off Allama Iqbal Road, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 4543473
    Burger Time
    128-U,Block-2,P.E.C.H.S.,Allama Iqbal Rd., Off Tariq Rd., Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 4550399

    Cactus Cafe
    71/C, 24 St., Phase-V, D.H.A, Off. Khayaban-e-Tanzeem, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5864016
    Cafe DeKhan
    333-C/2, P.E.C.H.S., Off:Tariq Road
    Ph. # (92-21) 4540066-4522972
    Fax # (92-21) 4547785

    Cafe Grand
    Abdullah Haroon Road,Opp.Metropole Hotel
    Ph. # (92-21) 5682402-5687607
    Cafe Liaquatabad
    4/613-A, Liaquatabad, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 4914804

    Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5611031
    Fax # (92-21) 5687242
    Chaghi Restaurant
    #D-11, Blk-D, Hyderi, N.Nazimabad
    Ph. # (92-21) 6637000

    Chandni Restaurant
    Gulistan-e-Erum, Plot #FL-5, Block-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 4969710-469125
    Chawal Inn
    Boat Basin, Clifton, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5865005-5862945

    Copper Kettle
    Zamzama, Defence, Phase-V
    Ph. # (92-21) 5838659-578538-578539
    Dehli Kali Caterers & Restaurant
    Sikandar Manzil, Waterpump, Federal 'B' Area, Karachi-75950
    Ph. # (92-21) 6315650-6332587

    Dehli Muslim Kali Restaurant
    Plot #23-C, Zamzama Boulevard, Land-2, D.H.A., Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5832806
    Excellent Restaurant
    Marine Arcade, Kehkashan,Clifton
    Ph. # (92-21) 5835530

    Food Valley Restaurant
    Alladin Water & Amusement Park, Rashid Menhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 8125933
    Fujiyama Restaurant (Japanese)
    Avari Towers,Fatima Jinnah Rd.
    Ph. # (92-21) 5660100

    Garnish Restaurant
    1st Floor, Awami Markaz, Shahra-e- Faisal, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 4520528
    Gelato Affair
    Off 26th St, Near Abdullah Shah, Petrol Pump, Phase-V, D.H.A.
    Ph. # (92-21) 5878305-5878304

    Haleem Ghar
    1397, Block-14, Dastgir, F.B.Area
    Ph. # (92-21) 6329197
    Henny Penny Restaurant
    # 99, 9th Commercial, Phase-IV, D.H.A., Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5893152

    Jan's Fish & Chips
    Corner Bukhara Hotel, Bohri Bazar, Saddar, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5213972-5213685
    Kababish Restaurant
    Jabees Funland, New Clifton
    Ph. # (92-21) 5832314-5834042

    Kabana Restuarant
    Clifton Food Centre, Opp.Bilawal House, Karachi
    Ph. # (92-21) 5834961
    Kaybee Snack
    8-C,Mohammad Ali H. Society
    Ph. # (92-21) 4540991
  • Rayyan Sameer says:
    Purple Haze

can any one help me to find a phone number of a restaurant in karachi?

Q: this is the address of the restaurant in karachi: fatimah jinaah road,lilly bridge Cantt Karachi can any one please help find the contact details of this restaurant

A: Which one? There are at least 3 restaurants on Fatima Jinnah Road.

BOHRA'S FOOD RESTAURANT Address : 9/A-1, Fatima Jinnah Road, Mohammad Ali Society
City : Karachi
Phone # : (92 21) 34533348, 34538432

FUJIYAMA RESTAURANT (JAPANESE) Address : Avari Towers, Fatima Jinnah Rd.
City : Karachi
Phone # : (92 21) 35660100

KAYBEE SNACKS Address : 8-F, Muhammad Ali H.Society, Fatima Jinnah Road
City : Karachi
Phone # : (92 21) 34541838, 34522430


  • Sophie says:
    I don't think this is the right category for this question...
  • Firestarter says:
    Muhammad Ali Society is too far away from Cantonment.
    You must have been misinformed.
    There is no restaurant under Lilly Bridge AND on Fatima Jinnah Road that's worth mentioning, as you can see here:
    Only small informal dhaabas where mostly labourers (and sometimes myself) eat.

    There is Pompei, an Italian restaurant, to the right of Lilly Bridge, but its on McNeil Road...not Fatima Jinnah Road.

    Avari Towers and Village Restaurant are the closest to Lillly Bridge, on Fatima Jinnah Rd....but they're still 1km away from it, and not even within Line of it makes no sense for Lilly Bridge to be a part of their address.

    You can see a comprehensive list of Karachi's restaurants here:

best restaurant in karachi?

Q: must be in city

A: bbq tonight

what is a name of a famous pakistani restaurant?

Q: any pakistani restaurant name will work

A: Pakistani Restaurants Worldwide:

Haveli Restaurant - Doncaster East

Haveli Restaurant - Ottawa
Tabaq BBQ Chicken & Restaurant - Toronto

Mailsi Pakistani


The Kashmir Gardens Restaurant - Aylesbury
Sheesh Mahal Restaurant - Banbury
Dorridge Karai Buffet - Birmingham
Desi Khana Restaurant - Birmingham
The Rajpoot Tandoori Restaurant - Birmingham
Taj Mahal Restaurant - Bournemouth
Kashmir Tandoori & Balti - Canterbury
The Balti Walla Restaurant - Cheltenham
Kings Balti Restaurant - Edinburgh
Dewaniam Tandoori Restaurant - Foresthill
Balti Raj Restaurant - London
Dewaniam Tandoori Restaurant - London
Haweli Restaurant - London
Jaflong Balti Restaurant - London
Salloos Restaurant -London
Shezan Restaurant - London
The Lal Quila Tandoori Restaurant - London
Tandoori Mahal Restaurant - Morpeth
Raju's Tandoori Restaurant - Oxon
Raj Of India Restaurant - Salisbury
Kushiara Restaurant - St. Ives
New Tayyab - St. London
Dhaka Tandoori Restaurant - Suffolk
Royal Bengal Restaurant - Suffolk
Haweli Tandoori Curry Balti - Surrey
Titash International Balti Restaurant - Warwickshire
Kings Ransom Restaurant - York

Hotel Shiraz Continental - Punjab

Khyber Tandoori Restaurant - Dublin

d'Tandoor Restaurant - Selangor

Koh-i-Noor - Amsterdam
Pakistan Restaurant - Amsterdam
Taj Mahal - Amsterdam

Agha & Biryani Corner - Karachi
Al Haj Bundoo Khan - Karachi
BBQ Tonight -Karachi
Bolan Sajji House - Karachi
Cafe Ajlantro - Karachi
Cafe Blue - Karachi
Chick 'n Chips -Karachi
China Town - Karachi
Copper Kettle Cafe - Karachi
Handi Inn - Karachi
Hanifia Hunter Beef & Burgers - Karachi
Ideal Snacks & Restaurant - Karachi
Kababist Restaurant - Karachi
Karachi Broast - Karachi
Kublai Khan Restaurant - Karachi
Kundan Broast - Karachi
Lalqila Restaurant - Karachi
Largess Restaurant - Karachi
Mash N Bangers - Karachi
Mela - Karachi
Mirchi - Karachi
Mughal Darbar - Karachi
New Salateen Hotel - Karachi
New York Cafe - Karachi
Revolving Restaurant - Karachi
Sno Biz - Karachi
Amer Hotel - Lahore
Lahori Chaska Restaurant - Lahore
Pearl Continental Hotel - Peshawar
Emerald Hotel -Swat

Al Shams - Makati City

Marhaba Restaurant - Al-Khobar
Al-Mehran Restaurant - Jeddah
Al-Noor Restaurant - Jeddah
Jeddah Darbar - Jeddah
Kababish Garden Restaurant - Jeddah
Kandahar - Jeddah
Kashmir Knights - Jeddah
La Sani - Jeddah
Marhaba - Jeddah
Maharajah - Jeddah
Nirala - Jeddah
Shaheen - Jeddah
Shehrezad Tandoor - Jeddah
Shezan - Jeddah
Shoaib Restaurant - Jeddah
Tabaq - Jeddah
Zehra Restaurant - Jeddah
Marhaba Restaurant - Riyadh

Jinnah Pakistani Restaurant- Granada

Restaurant Taj Mahal - Biel-Bienne

Blue Mountain Tandoor House - Penrith

Aladdin Curry & Tandoori - Pattaya

Usmania Restaurant - Chiryu-shi
Ghandhara Pakistan Restaurant - Chiyoda-Ku
Ghandhara Pakistan Restaurant - Chuo-ku
Islamic Food Restaurant Royal Bengal - Chuo-ku
Raj Mahal Ginza - Chuo-ku
Taj Mahal - Fujisawa-shi
Indian Curry House - Kita-Ku
Kameido Asia-mura - Koto-Ku
Koh-i-Noor - Meguro-ku
Aladin Restaurant - Minato-ku
Samrat Roppongi - Minato-ku
Siddique Indian & Pakistani Restaurant Chain - Minato-ku
Pakistan & Indian Restaurant Potohar Kichijoji - Musashino-shi
Papera - Nakano-ku
Pakistan Restaurant Zaika - Ota-Ku
Kashmir Restaurant - Sanjo-shi
Pak Mahal Pakistani Restaurant - Tochigi-shi
Marhaba Pakistani Restaurant - Toshima-ku
Halal Bite Food Sales - Yokohama-shi
Halal Restaurant - Yokohama-shi

Al-Bilal Restaurant - California
Chutney - California
Darbar - California
Gaylord Restaurant - California
Meenar Restaurant - California
Mela - California
Naan 'N' Curry - California
Pakwan Restaurant - California
Pak India Halal Restaurant - California
Shahnawaz Restaurant - California
Shalimar - California
Sheesh Mahal - California
Taj Mahal Restaurant - California
The Little Deli Indian Cuisine - California
Shalimar Restaurant - Florida
Klay Oven Restaurant - Illinois
Haveli Restaurant - Georgia
Delite Restaurant - Maryland
Bombay Mahal Restaurant - Massachusetts
Maharaja Restaurant - Massachusetts
Shaheen Restaurant - New York
Taj Mahal Of Raleigh - North Carolina
Taj Mahal Fine Cuisine - Oregon
Taj Mahal Restaurant - Pennsylvania
Tandoor Restaurant - Pennsylvania
Akbar Restaurant - Texas
Ali Baba's Bar-B-Q & Grill - Texas
Bombay Brasserie Indian & Pakistani - Texas
Haveli Restaurant - Texas
Kaiser Foods USA - Texas
La Sani Restaurant - Texas
Lazeeza Grill - Texas
Markaz Al - Texas
Mayur Restaurant - Texas
no tsu oh - Texas
Royal Restaurant - Texas
Salt N Pepper - Texas
Sheikh Chilli's Restaurant - Texas
South Asian Cafe - Texas
Taste of Pakistan - Texas
Ten Cafe - Texas
Chutny Restaurant - Virginia
Tandoor Restaurant - Virginia
Maharaja Cuisine - Virginia
Mehak Authentic Cuisine - Virginia
Aatish Restaurant - Washington DC
Kabab House - Washington DC
Mehak Authentic Cuisine - Washington DC
Taj Mahal Restaurant - Washington DC
Ujala Tandori - Wisconsin













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