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Thousands of people from around the world travel to Freeport The Bahamas every year. Therefore Freeport The Bahamas is one of the destinations that I decided to give you more up to date information on. As an avid traveler you may want to bookmark '' for access to current information on Freeport The Bahamas's news, travel alerts, and weather.

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Things to do in freeport bahamas?

Q: Hi I'm going on a cruise in August 17 and was wondering what excursions are fun to do in Freeport Bahamas? has anyone done the jeep adventure and is it fun???

A: While Freeport is nationally known for its frenetic shopping, that's not all it offers. Just outside of town, you'll find a lovely pastoral landscape, picturesque country walks, and scenic drives that make for a handy retreat from shopping.
As far as beaches are concerned, the Bahamas have some of the most beautiful beaches that I've ever seen and that's saying alot considering I live in Florida, land of beaches. :) And, it can be noted that since most people travel to the Bahamas exclusively for its beaches, most activities are water or outdoors related. In that respect there are endless activities to do : jetskiing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and many other activities. However, because of this it is not a good idea to travel there in the summer, as it can be rather stifling.

Favourite spots:
Xanadu Beach

The beach!!!!! Of course the Bahamas are best known for its luxurious beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, and although all of the beaches that I visited were beautiful I particularly liked Xanadu Beach and Paradise Cove. I found Xanadu Beach to be particularly beautiful because you get the sense that you are away from the rest of the world. It was surprisingly deserted, which could either be due to the fact that it was away from highly touristed areas or that it is so excessively hot in the summer. And, if you tire of swimming or lying on the beach, you can participate in one of the multiple activities that are offered throughout the day, like scavenger hunts, bingo and more. Paradise Cove, on the other hand, is simply breathtaking in so many aspects, from the rocks that line the coastline, to the thick white sand, to the enchanting coral reefs. It is also the most secluded beach that I visited and the ride there is equally interesting.

What's really great:

Snorkeling at Paradise Cove

It is a MUST to either snorkel or scuba dive while in the Bahamas. Having never snorkeled where there are coral reefs, I was absolutely taken aback by the beauty of the sea life and the magnificence of the reefs. Also, it was relatively cheap to snorkel at Paradise Cove. I decided to go on the snorkeling tour which I found out about through my hotel and for $35 it included the 20 mile bus trip there and back, snorkeling gear, lunch and access to the beach from 10-6. If you are in Freeport and are interested in going on this tour call 349-2677.

Port Lucaya Marketplace

Aside from the beaches, it is also fun to check out the straw markets where you can find some interesting things, most of which is hand-made, at cheap prices. Always remember to barter since everyone jacks up the prices in tourist areas (or simply if you look like a tourist). There are also several very nice casinos around the area.
Freeport is a nice little town to visit but it has a very touristy feel. Though it is not as much a tourist hot-spot as neighboring Lucaya, it still is abundant with tourists and people trying to make money off of tourists. If you want to get a true feel of the island, travel to the west or east ends, or even farther inland. For photography buffs, myself included, the communities, and people within them, scattered throughout the island are great to check out and they convey a true sense of island life


  • paradise&lt;3 says:
    Hey. Im going on a cruise a week before you. I've been to freeport, Bahamas two years ago. I had a great time. Although I did like Freeport, I enjoyed Nassau, Paradise Island more. In freeport, I would like to do the dolphin encounter or the Freeport Kayak, Natural Experience or the glass bottom boat. If you are not into nature, then the Freeport island tour or the bahama jeep adventure sounds fun. When I was in Freeport, Bahamas, I did the Bahama Jeep Adventure as my excursion.

    Here is a website about the excursions for Carnival:,%20Bahamas

    I hope you have a lot of fun on your cruise=]
  • kjcamel says:
    Try a company called Forbes. They offer snorkeling excursions and similar activities. For shopping and dining, go to Port Lucaya.
  • Sydneyツ says:
    u can go to port lucaya...or go to the beach or go to lucayan national park or go to garden on the groves or go to west end(chicken nest) um..go on a scooter tour...go out east
  • Lotus Phoenix says:
    There isn't much to do in Freeport really. You can go scuba diving, kayaking, or swimming with the dolphins. Then you can go drinking at Port Lucaya.

    Then you can hang out at the beach and do water sports.

    If there are any plays at the Regency go check it out.

im going to freeport bahamas in a week?

Q: i wanna check out taino beach so i was wondering how much it cost and how far it is from the cruise port thank you

A: Freeport is a great place to go.. beats Nassau to pieces. You want to go to PORT LUCAYA.. it's about 15 miles across the island and is the best bargain in the Bahamas. You can take the bus from the foot of the cruise ship dock... be sure to take your bathing suit and money to spend in the largest market in the Bahamas or the Caribbean (the Bahamas are in the ATLANTIC OCEAN they are not in the Caribbean.. so the water is cold)

Freeport Grand Bahama Island.. Bahamas

What should I do in Freeport / Nassau Bahamas on vacation?

Q: My dh and I are taking a cruise in October to the Bahamas. We'll be in Freeport for about 8 hours then in Nassau for 24 hours. I am interested in the history and scenery, not necessarily the beaches or shopping. What should we not miss?

A: there is actually not a restaurant in freeport with live shark feedings anymore. it got blown away in hurricane katrina or wilma or something i can't remember it was a while ago. but if you are in freeport i would highly recommend going to port lucaya. you can hit up the dolphin experience thing they have and they are just now working on an acrobatics show that would be pretty cool to see. they often have rake and skrate bands playing live on the stage in the center of the square and the best places to eat are in port lucaya. you can go on some reef tours which are fun for the tourist and are also in port lucaya. you can also go parasailing and rent jet skis and stuff at port lucaya. its a pretty fun place. xeno beach is a nice beach too. less tourists. oh and if you ask around you can get directed to the bat caves which are always cool to explore. i think its a national park or something. but port lucaya is in lucaya not freeport but it is right next to freeport not even a 5 minute drive. i'm sure you will have fun i love freeport and i live there for part of the year but i never do the tourist stuff. everything is much more expensive though because of shipping tariffs and stuff so i would load up on cash before you go. have fun! :)

oh as for history and stuff... the bahamas are more orientated toward the tourist industry now a days as their main source of income etc. so the most history you will find is on the currency. queen elizabeth shows the history of the british colony. but i went on a boat trip about 10 miles off shore to great isaacs light house. there is a lot of history there spooky stories and stuff you can hear from the locals but it is an abandoned light house and the last two keepers mysteriously disappeared. kinda cool to explore mostly trashed though. really good snorkeling. i think the most history you will find is on the internet not the island itself. sorry!


  • Alowishus B says:
    There's a coal plant in Freeport. That's about it. Also, there's a restaurant that holds regular shark feedings.

    Oh right, the bazaar's mildy interesting, but very touristy.
  • Robin G says:
    have a local take you for a taxi ride, might be pricey but they know best sites to see, etc. havent been there since 91 but would love to go back
  • explorer says:
    Go to the open market in Nassau.
    Maybe take the cruise to Rose island for the day or go swim with the dolphins.
  • Dessie27 says:
    I cannot speak too much about Freeport, but there are alot of things see and do while in Nassau. First, there are a few old forts that were built in the 1700s (Ft Fincastle, Ft Charlotte, and Ft Montagu). You would like Ft Charlotte more because it has dungeons and stuff like that.

    There is also the queen's staircase which was built in the late 18th Century and a huge water tower/light house with a beautiful view right above it, and another fort there I think.

    There is also a place called Coral World that is at Arawak Cay where you can go to the bottom and see the ocean. There is Adastra Gardens & Conservation center where you can see alot of caribbean bids, mammals and reptiles. And a whole lot more.

Any info on the Freeport & Nassau Bahamas ports?

Q: Our cruise will be stopping in Freeport & Nassau Bahamas. Are there beaches that we can go to on our own to swim? We are not sure if we are going to do an excursion or roam free. Maybe both.

Is there anything important we need to know if we just want to get off the ship and do our own thing?

I would love to hear anything you can tell me about these ports!

A: we are cruising to Freeport and Nassau this wk and I've done a little research. From what I understand there is so much to do that I've been told not to waste money on excursions, however I still booked 1 just to ensure I do get to do something neat. NASSAU---I have heard if you like to shop to visit the Straw Market but take into consideration that haggling prices is what they do so everything is over priced and you can negotiate the prices down. and it is in walking distance from your ship. At all ports there will be cabs and most of these cabs will give you a tour of the island for 20-50 bucks I've even heard of ppl getting into the Atlantis Resort with out a ticket through these tours. Another place with in walking distance is Senior Frogs which is supposed to be a blast there is also a hard rock cafe but those are everywhere. There is also a Pirate Museum and some sort of Pub. I've heard a lot about a place called Conch Cafe accross from the HIlton that has really good food. There is also Adrasta Zoo which is small but supposed to be interesting. There is a historical walking tour map at There is a public beach next to Atlantis. You can buy a coconut for $20 and get free drink refills all day - alcohol and non-alcohol. There is also a public beach on Paradise Island. It is close to the Atlantis Hotel and is a short cab ride from where the ship docks. FREEPORT---when u get off the ship there will be people standing around to take you to see the dolphins and it much cheaper then buying the excurison. Take a cab into town it's a long walk. there are the botanical gardens. If you're looking for somewhere to drink and relax in Freeport then Billy Joe's is for you. You can go to into Port Lucaya $10 round trip per person. If you go go past the Isle of Capri Casino and the beach is right in front of you. Frrom what I've heard The best thing to do is go through the Capri Casino. the Pelican Bay Resort is supposed to have great excursions offered. Well that's all I've been able to find hope I was helpful. ENjoy!

How far away is FreePort, Bahamas, to Paradise Island, Bahamas?

Q: Hello I'm trying to find out how far these two islands are. My sister is going to stay in Freeport, but I think she'd have lots of fun in, Aquaventure at Atlantis Paradise Island. So if they are NOT close to each other at all. Are there any other theme parks/ amusement parks that are in FreePort, or not far from it? I'm talking about a big fun place, not a small cheesy place. PLEASE email me asap.

A: No Freeport is not that close to Nassau/Paradise Island. It's about 90 miles away. Here is a link to a map

Freeport does not have a resort like Atlantis. It's a different type of island. Sorry. But here is a link to fun things to do on Grand Bahama Island.

You might want to suggest to her if it's not to late to split her vacation 4 days in Freeport and 3 days in Paradise Island. Paradise Island is expensive and so is Atlantis.

The only way to get from Freeport to Nassau is to fly. I think it's a 30 minute flight.

Good Luck to your sister, I'm sure she will have a great time even if she doesn't get to Atlantis.)













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