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Thousands of people from around the world travel to Boise every year. Therefore Boise is one of the destinations that I decided to give you more up to date information on. As an avid traveler you may want to bookmark '' for access to current information on Boise's news, travel alerts, and weather.

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Considering Moving Family/Business to Boise from Boulder, CO?

Q: Hello - we have been researching the Boise area and are very interested in moving there from Boulder, CO but have some concerns about the job market/economy right now. We own our own business (painting, eco-friendly concrete & wood sealing etc) and hope that Boise could be a good move for us. The cost of housing is a major attraction along with what seem to be good schools and outdoor activity (my husband is a snowmobiler!). We are wondering if Boise/Eagle will be a good place to start a business? How do people feel about the green building trend out there? I am also a personal chef and looking to have clients in the area. Thanks for any input!

A: The contracting industry is pretty tight right now with the economy. I have a couple of painting contractors in some commercial space I rent and they seem to be doing ok on repaints; new construction is pretty low. The successful ones are hustlers and know how to keep their costs low. The green building trend here is good. You should be able to find several references for green building groups in the area.

The University of Idaho has a culinary center in Caldwell you should research as well. Boise State University also has a culinary program. ACF holds monthly meetings locally. You need to also research ZWeddings as it seems to be the premier wedding guide locally. They'll be having their annual show in January, I think. There is also a group for that industry locally as well. I think it is called Idaho Special Events Professionals it doesn't look like they keep their web site up to date, but I hear it is an active group.

Let me know if you need further info.

Scott Nicholson
(208) 890-3939 | e-fax: (208) 248-2250

Should I go to Boise State or NAU for business?

Q: I am planning on majoring in some sort of business and I am deciding on which school to go to, Northern Arizona or Boise State. Which school will give me a better education and more job opportunities coming out of college? Thanks!

A: Both schools offer an AACSB-accredited business school. There is no academic advantage of one over the other.

Which will leave you with less debt after 4 years?

Suggestion - Go there, excel, then after working 2 years or so apply to some big-name schools for your MBA.

house sitting jobs in Idaho - Boise, Eagle, Meridian?


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Does Boise State University have a good Business program?

Q: Im just wondering if they have a good business program or if they even have a business program at all?

A: Boise State has a really good Business program and as all of their program continues to improve. BSU has been working on improving all of their academics, but their Business program has been good for a while.

business licenses in Idaho?

Q: Are they needed for a home based martial arts businesses, and, if so, how can I get what I need.

A: yes contact the business license department of Idaho Talk to the Boise SCORE for free business advice.













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Business in Boise

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Business in Boise

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