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Travel Internet Radio – Cruise Tips and Music Episode-111104

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Listen to this Music and Cruise Tips show for Cruisers.

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Program Details:

  • Featured musical guests CDs
  • This week’s tips for travel to TBA
  • Destination Tips, News & Tidbits from Cruise with Bruce Associate Cruise
    Ship Reporters
  • Sound clips from previous & upcoming travel internet radio shows and

Join host, Bruce Oliver, of the “Cruise Radio Network’s: Cruise with Bruce”  radio program and hear travel and cruise travel tips for your next vacation,  tips to travel. This series focuses on travel and tips from Cruise Ship Reporters, listener emails, and industry representatives. Listen to featured musicians music and tails of  traveling around the United States and world. Learn travel tips submitted by  hundreds of guests who travel. You can listen to our full interviews and their music on iTunes and/or the internet by going to

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