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Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Accident near GIGLIO, Italy

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I’ve had a question about the cruise ship disaster. Here’s my answer:

The Costa Concordia is one of the cruise line’s newer ships in the fleet. I believe that the captain was negligent and irresponsible. My first question was why is the ship so close to shore? That town was not a scheduled stop. It sounds like he was “show boating” with the lives of the passengers for the benefit of a friend or friends of his on shore. My next response was what would I do in a similar situation?

My belief is if you feel like you are in danger as a guest or passenger then you need to be prepared and do something about it. Didn’t anyone learn from 9-11 and the World Trade Center? Stay seated everything is going to be OK, this building is sound. Right!?! Only the people who disobeyed and hoofed all of stairs of the multistory building lived to tell about it. Again I’m reminded about having a flashlight with me at all times (some cell phones have built in lights for video, use them!)

As my father said during one of his hospital stays: “The only person who really cares about what happens to you is YOU. Don’t wait for someone else to do something if you know something is wrong and you can correct it.” As the Boy Scouts say: “BE PREPARED!”