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5 ways to save when cruising to Europe. | Cruise with Bruce Oliver | Save on cruise advice

Five ways to save when cruising to Europe!

Take advantage of trends influencing cruise vacations to Europe. A smart traveler can save as much as 50 to 75% off of the published price of staterooms when traveling to Europe. When shopping around to find a travel professional look for someone who can deliver on the 5 Be(s). Smart cruisers want to become each of these Be-s.

  1. Be an early adopter! People who want to travel with premium and luxury cruise lines will always save more when placing a deposit on their cruise as much as a year or more before they want to cruise. There are several cruise lines that allow 50% or more off the per person published price. 2 for 1 sale on cruises, the savings will never be better.
  2. Be an early payer! Several cruise lines give an additional savings of 5% off the price of your cruise. If you booked early and paid early you will save as much as 55% off the list price.
  3. Be a groupie! Connect with a travel professional that is a member of a consortium. Consortium agents have greater buying power than 1-25 member agencies in the industry. Consortium membership can be as high as 6,800 members who purchase over 4,000 group cruises per year. This buying power allows the purchaser to save up to 20% off the published cruise line prices. An early adopter, early payer and groupie’s price may be as high as 75% off the price one would pay if they contacted the cruise line on their own.
  4. Be a pioneer! Some cruise lines give heavy discounts to early adopters who were lucky enough to choose a popular cruise before others request the cruise. When a cruise gets sold out months before the ship sails the cruise line has the chance to make more per cabin. I’ve had clients offered large bonuses and more perks and days on their cruise vacation if they decide to give up their staterooms and go on alternate cruises. Savvy travel professionals will know what cruise lines and itineraries might be prone to get this type of savings.
  5. Be an early bird or late bird! Travel Consortiums, Cruise lines and European countries offer great pre and post cruise options. Take advantage of the added savings by increasing the time you stay in popular port cities around Europe. Tourism boards from cities on cruise itineraries help reduce the price of longer stays in their city with the hope that travelers will spend more money in their region. Savings allow cruise passengers to save on hotel packages, transportation, event and building VIP charges and privileges. The combined savings and amenities will often be greater than if the same package is booked outside of the cruise line or consortium agencies. In many cities local hotel owners, transportation providers, trade groups and governments underwrite the savings with the hopes that the traveler will spend more in the region.



Bruce Oliver is the Scent-Sensational Travel Guy™ and author of the SCENTsational Travel Series™. It is the first series of ‘Scratch and Sniff’ travel / recipe resource books on destinations around the world. This summer you will be able to find two of his books in Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Borders, Amazon and for the Kindle. The first is for foodies who what to read about the Scent-Sational World of Food: Spices, Herbs, Salts and Recipes from around the U.S. and Europe. The second is Cruise with Bruce Oliver’s Scent-Sational Cuba: Recipes, Spices, Herbs, Facts and Culinary Delights.

For over 40 years he’s been on river cruises, escorted / independent tours and ocean cruises to over 56 countries on 6 continents and all over the United States. Chances are that he’s been where you want to go and he will help you plan your next vacation right down to the last detail. Unlike the large online travel services he’ll personally answer your initial phone call and become your personal advocate when dealing the airlines, hotels and cruise lines if you need help plan you plan your next vacation.

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