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Bruce Oliver's Gourmet Salts of the Earth

Cruise with Bruce Oliver’s Gourmet Salts of the Earth Book Promotion.

Cruise with Bruce Oliver – Scentsational World of Food: Spices, Herbs & Salts

Book Promotion

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Scratch and sniff Travel by Bruce Oliver — Bruce Oliver’s Around the World Travel Series™:
In July, 2016 my publisher and I are releasing my new “Scratch n Sniff” Cooking Resource book: “Cruise with Bruce Oliver’s Scentsational World: Spices, Herbs & Salts.
“Become a super cook using the finest spices, herbs & salts. This is a is a GREAT SMELLING BOOK filled with executive chefs recipes & trivia.” Bruce Oliver, The Scentsational Travel Guy
Scent-Sational World of Food — Spices — Herbs & Salts Bruce Oliver’s: SCENT-Sational World™ is a series of mulit-sensory books that bring the reading experience to the next level. Our goal is to heighten someone’s curiosity about a destination and explore recipes from each city featured in the book. My books help readers learn the secrets of visiting places all over the world. They smell their way through each page by touching spots made with scented inks. These smells are part of the mystery in the story. We add another dimension to the multi-sensory experience of reading. The more senses we use the more real the reading experience. In addition to smell we use photographs, “Ah-ha” moments, recipes, and trivia framed around an itinerary to the destination. The first book focuses on spices, herbs and salts used around the world. In addition, we have recipes from the Executive Chefs at four and five star hotels and cruise lines from the United States and Europe. You too can become a featured chef!
To promote this book I am launching a Gourmet Salt Give-Away for qualified applicants. I am giving away samples of a gourmet salt to qualified people who respond to this survey.  “I’m not a cook, I’m just a traveler that loves to eat!  Thanks for visiting.” – Bruce
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