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Queens, Jubilees and the Olympics an Internet Radio Show

Queens, Jubilees and the Olympics – Internet Radio Show Music & Tips

London celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and The Olympic Games starting in June, 2012

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Program Details:

  • This week’s tips for travel to Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee in London England
  • News on Security at the Olympic Games in London with Jonathan Edwards

Join host, Bruce Oliver, of the “Cruise Radio Network’s: Cruise with Bruce™” radio program. This series focuses on information about the celebrations in London for Queen Elizabeth and the London Olympic Games. Listen to featured musicians music. You can listen to our full interviews and their music on iTunes and/or the internet by going to

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It’s been well over 100 years since the United Kingdom celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. Until that time only one other monarch spent 60 years on the throne watching over the Kingdom of England. After Victoria’s death, her eldest son, King Edward took his place on the throne after 60 years of waiting. Again this century we have a similar situation with Prince Charles, the first son of Elizabeth and Prince Philip. After the death of Queen Victoria and King Edward the 7th, Edward’s remaining son George became King. King George’s eldest son King Edward the 8th took over the throne then abdicated after marrying the American Actress and divorcee Mrs. Simpson. Months later he left the throne to his shy brother because the Church of England at that time said a man couldn’t marry a woman who’s husband was still living. In 1952 after the death of her father, Queen Elizabeth the second became Queen of England when she was only 25 years old. A year later she was coroneted in June of 1953. And now 60 years later, the United Kingdom will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee from June 2nd through the 5th.

For centuries now, the head of state has been the monarch but the Kingdom is also ruled by a constitution and laws are made by two houses of their legislature or congress that’s known as the Parliament. The Queen provides continuity in the country and 16 realms stretching from the British Isles to Canada and Australia and New Zealand, including many well know islands like Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, the Bahamas and Bermuda. Elizabeth became Queen of England four years after her marriage to Lt Philip Mountbatten who was also known as Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip because her parents George and Mary didn’t have male heirs. When Queen Elizabeth leaves the throne, her eldest son Prince Charles will take the throne much the same as Albert Edward did after the death of Queen Victoria. Since the Queen Mom, Mary mother of Elizabeth passed away after her 100th birthday, it’s likely that Charles’ time as monarch will be short and the next in line will be Prince William the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Starting on Saturday, June 2 the celebration will begin with a horse race at Epsom, a tradition that started with her great grand father King Edward. On Sunday the nation will celebrate her coronation with Jubilee Lunches that will be held all over the realm. After lunch, the Queen and Prince Philip will float down the River Thames through London along with over 1000 boats. On Monday, Buckingham Palace will be the site of a national concert and the queen will light a national beacon before over 2012 others around the UK and other realms light theirs. On the 5th the celebration will come to a close after the Queen celebrates a service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral followed by a procession through London back to the palace. Millions of visitors and people from the UK are expected to line the streets.

2012 is a banner year for the United Kingdom, Olympic Festivals and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee precede the Olympic Games that kick off in London a little less than two months later on July 27th. And for the first time since the Victorian Era a park new park will be dedicated to a seated monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth Park will be dedicated in the Fall of this year.


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