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NEWS: Cruise with Bruce: Travel Agency Launch

Thanks for sharing my website and radio program with your family and friends. Because of your help, the Cruise with Bruce Radio Show listener base has grown to nearly 30,000. I appreciate your help spreading the word. Because of the tremendous success of the radio show and with web site visits exceeding one million visitors per year I’ve decided to take the business to the next level.

As the Managing Partner of Axis Mundi Systems, LLC (Las Vegas, NV) and Cruise with Bruce Enterprises I have taken steps to become a full fledged travel agency. I now work with all of the tour groups, airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and cruise lines from all over the world. My goal is to provide a list of the tours and cruises that offer the best prices for you.

Since the launch of the Cruise with Bruce Associate Cruise Ship Reporter program in January, people have started to join the program and spread the word about booking travel and cruises through me. I’ve decided to take the money that I would have to spend on advertising and give some of it back to people who refer customers that book through me. Thanks for your participation.

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