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Cruise Ship Reporter Contest | Win a trip to a Luxury Resort in Cancun | Email and Engage

Cruise Ship Reporter Contest

How long? Until Someone Wins!

This will be for a stay at a luxury resort in Cancun. Logon to your membership account for more information.


  1. You are a Cruise with Bruce Associate Cruise Ship Reporter.
  2. You need send an email to the Cruise Ship Reporter Address with a short article (at least 2 paragraphs of 150 words or more) about a recent trip, restaurant, hotel, resort or event you attended. Provide information in your article and include: the website link, address, telephone, hours, etc. Why would you recommend this “activity” to others? Why you decided to write about your adventure? etc…
  3. After I approve and format it I will post it. I reserve the right to block the submission of your article for any reason. (Why would I do that! – Maybe the article is too commercial or offensive. I would contact you to see if you will change it.)

How do you WIN?

  1. Well, the first person who satisfies the requirements and:
  2. Has a 4 Star Rating or above by at least 10 people that you’ve shared the article with. Tie breakers will be the higher rating.
  3. The article must be shared on Twitter at least 5 times and on Facebook at least 10 times.

For more information please visit:




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