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Happy St Patrick’s Day #Travel Show #Irish Music & #Tips

Happy St Patrick’s Day Travel Radio Show with Irish Music & Tips

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Program Details:

  • Featured music from the Common Creativity public domain under Irish & Celtic Music
  • This week’s tips for travel to St Patrick’s Day Parades & Cooking Ireland’s Downpatrick Corned Beef, Scots Irish Stew and a Full Irish Breakfast at the Irish Inn
  • Destination Tips, News & Tidbits from Cruise with Bruce Associate Cruise Ship Reporters
  • Sound clips from previous & upcoming travel internet radio shows and series

Join host, Bruce Oliver, of the “Cruise Radio Network’s: Cruise with Bruce™” radio program and hear travel and cruise travel tips for your Irish Experience, get tips to travel to the best St Patrick’s Day Parades and to the Irish Inn.

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Links to St Patrick’s Day Parades in the United States and Ireland

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Boston, MA –

Holyoke, MA –

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Savannah, GA –

San Francisco, CA –

Dublin, OH –

Philadelphia, PA –

Wilmington, DE –

Springfield Township, PA – Events/news.htm

Conshohocken,  PA –

Hot Springs, AR –

Scranton, PA –

Hartford, CT –

Kansas City, MO –

Cleveland, OH –

Milwaukee, WI –

Oklahoma City, OK

Springfield, IL –

Springfield, MO –

A guide to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland –

Belfast Ireland –

Dublin Ireland –

London UK –

Pub Crawls for St Patrick’s Day –

The Irish Inn – The Irish Experience all Year

You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the entire month of March if you go to the Ozark, IL Irish Inn  owned and operated by Lynn and Brian McCreery. There guests are entertained with Irish music, storytelling around warm fires, and of course special catered dinner feasts of Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage and a full Irish breakfast in the morning, but guest can celebrate and enjoy Irish traditions whenever they visit the Irish Inn.

The McCreerys are more than happy to share their love of this famed holiday with their guests. This off-the-beaten-path bed and breakfast, nestled in the Shawnee National Forest, has charmed a multitude of guests and always keep travelers coming back from more!

I’ve included some of their famed recipes and even including their Full Irish Breakfast, Scots Irish Stew and their Downpatrick Corned Beef. Since St. Patrick is buried in Downpatrick, a town not far from where Brian was born, they call their first secret family recipe for corned beef and cabbage the “Downpatrick Corned Beef.”

Downpatrick Corned Beef



5 pounds brisket

¼ cup mustard

1 tablespoon mustard seed

1 tablespoon of pickling spices

¼ cup maple syrup

1 head of cabbage

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon of chopped garlic



1. Preheat oven to 325. Wash the brisket and then pat dry. Put on a paste of the mustard, mustard seed and pickling spices and maple syrup.

2. Place roast in a roasting pan with about 2 cups of water at 325 for 2 hours, basting ever so often with the maple syrup. When 2 hours is up make sure brisket can be pierced with fork.

3. When there is an hour left on the brisket begin to chop up the head of cabbage. Cut the head into two and then chop into bite sized pieces. In a skillet add a tablespoon of olive oil and teaspoon of garlic, the chopped up cabbage and salt and pepper to taste.

Meal can be served with either mashed or roasted potatoes.

Here are some additional Irish recipes:

* Scots Irish Stew


3 pounds stew beef or lamb cut into one inch cubes

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 head garlic – mince all the cloves in the head

2-3 large onions chopped

6 cups beef stock (you can prepare from beef cubes with water)

1 cup dark ale

1 can tomato paste (cup of tomato catsup can substitute)

4 large tomatoes chopped

1 tablespoon sugar

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon basil

1 tablespoon thyme

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (soy sauce can substitute)

3-1/2 pounds red potatoes

1/2 stick butter

3 cups peeled carrots cut in medallions

Salt and pepper to taste

One piece cinnamon bark

Parsley and coriander leaves for garnish



1. Heat olive oil in very large pot over medium heat. Sauté meat until brown, then add garlic and onion. Continue to move the meat in the pot with new ingredients over heat for another seven minutes, then sprinkle with sugar.

2. Add beef stock, ale, tomato ingredients, spices, and Worcestershire or soy sauce, and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, and simmer for another two hours, stirring every 15-20 minutes.

3. In a deep skillet sauté the potatoes and carrots in butter or olive oil, whichever you prefer. Add to the stew pot after it has simmered for two hours. Add the cinnamon bark or stick and simmer on lowest heat for another 40 minutes.

4. Remove the bark and bay leaves. Garnish with parsley, coriander, or a combination of both.

Serve this Scots Irish stew with garlic bread, crusty Italian bread with creamery butter, or traditional Irish soda bread. A glass of red wine or mug of Guinness goes very well with this easy to prepare Irish dinner.


**Yields:* 8 servings


Full Irish Breakfast *

(Also know as Ulster Fry, a combination of traditional Irish ingredients

and American alternatives)


2 traditional Irish bangers

2 slices Irish bacon (country ham portion will substitute)

1 medium pork chop

3 pieces American bacon

2 pieces each black and white pudding (if you can find an Irish butcher) – the black pudding is something like a flavorful blutwurst and the white is something like a mild liverwurst (to compare the tastes to meats readers may find more familiar)

2 slices tomato

¼ cup mushrooms

¼ cup white wine

2 eggs

2 slices potato bread (rye of whole wheat toast will substitute)


Orange marmalade



Everyone knows how to prepare these ingredients. The secret is to serve them all hot to the table simultaneously, which is where a second pair of hands comes in nicely!

1. Fry the potato bread n eggs in a little of the meat fat, with eggs made sunny-side up. Spoon some of the meat fat over the cooking egg for extra flavor and to ensure even cooking.

2. Lightly sauté the tomatoes and grill the pork chops, while cooking the mushrooms in white wine.


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