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Branson Missouri has golf, shows, water parks, meals and ziplining

Branson Missouri has golf, shows, water parks, meals and ziplining.

Janeen says we represent Branson’s Area Golf Council. And she says that there are a few things to consider when going to Branson:

* You must see Silver Dollar City: the amusement park celebrated 50 years and its combination of local craftsman, regional music and amusement parks is truly one of a kind.

* Branson Landing is a great, central location for those who enjoy hotel rooms. It’s within walking distance of a variety of restaurants for a lively nightscene (complete with the dancing water display) and within walking distance of the historic downtown. Definitely visit the Bass Pro Shop along the water.

* You must go to old Branson – especially the five and dime. Come with a list of things you couldn’t possibly find there, and then go on a scavenger hunt. Love that place, and the small hometown breakfast places that dot the streetscapes.

* See the Baldknobbers – they’re historic and give you a great feel of this community, and how it began. All the shows are excellent and entertaining.

* Do visit Big Cedar Resort, especially for dinner. It boasts one of the most beautiful views of Lake Taneycomo you’ll find anywhere in Branson.

* Ziplining is a lot of fun here, with a wealth of trees canopied over the runs. Many think of Branson for its shows, but you really should experience the great outdoors.

* Do go to Dogwood Canyon – rent a bike and bring a picnic. There’s a lovely tiny little wedding chapel that faces a waterfall, and is a place for special moments. You’ll understand why Johnny Morris loved this place after seeing it.

* Do play golf: because most of the celebrities play before they go onstage. What you’ll find is down-to-earth, salt-of-the-earth hard workers with good family values. Not one of them is protected by an agent. (Even Andy Williams lives right on a golf course and plays every morning he can).

* Do visit College of the Ozarks for dinner: the students run the restaurant at what’s known as “I work U” – free tuition in return for hard labor on campus. They’ve built sewer lines, furniture, take care of the hotel and even bake the bread. If you’re looking for hope from the next generation, you won’t find a better example anywhere else.

Thanks for the great tips Janeen, Branson seems to be a hidden gem found by a growing number of travelers in the United States.

Janeen Driscoll, PR Manager
The Golf Lifestyle Firm

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