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Travel Internet Cruise with Bruce Show now heard on TV

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Cruise with Bruce – Travel & Cruise

Streaming Internet Radio Show available on smart TV

via the BluBrry and on the following smart devices:

| Roku | Boxee | LookeeTV | Samsung Smart TV | Google TV app | iPhone |

The Travel & Cruise related Cruise with Bruce Radio Show can now be heard on your TV when you connect via the streaming media devices for Smart TV applications for Cruise with Bruce Radio. is one of RawVoice digital media communities that feature more than 9,000 shows like the Cruise with Bruce Show. In January, 2012, The Cruise Radio Network’s Cruise with Bruce Show started broadcasting via BluBrry to millions of consumers globally. RawVoice provides distribution across all mediums:

Roku streaming internet device available online

Bruce Oliver, CEO of the Cruise Radio Network says, “Since the beginning of the Cruise Radio Network in January of 2011, it has been my goal to distribute programming on more and more listening platforms as time passes. BluBrry and RawVoice is just one of the ways to get the message out. By the end of Q1 2012 people will be able to listen via a global satellite radio link. 2012 will be an exciting year!”

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