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David Copperfield Disappearing Card Trick – watch the playing cards disappear!

David Copperfield – Disappearing Card Trick

I first saw David Copperfield at Caesar’s Palace in Lake Tahoe over 30 years ago. David had just begun his career as a magician and even came out to talk with us after his magic act and signed his photograph for free. He guessed people’s room keys, made things disappear and made an impression. Just a couple of years ago I saw Copperfield again in Las Vegas. If you get a chance to see him, go. You will not be disappointed. But here’s a chance to see David Copperfield’s magic up close and personal. I’ve gone through all of the photos below several times and each time my playing card disappears. You try it then share this link with your friends. You can get more information about seeing his magic act where his illusions will amaze you by going to the link below. Have fun … and share this with your friends.

David Copperfield is amazing…

Try this disappearing card trick below.









Going to Las Vegas? Find out more about David’s Magic Show here:

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