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Guest singer-songwriter Andrew Cole music | Why We Wonder & Toronto


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Thanks for watching, I’m Bruce Oliver with the Cruise Radio Network and host of the Cruise with Bruce Internet Radio show. 

Andrew Cole is a Toronto born singer/songwriter that moved with his parents to Liverpool, Wales, Las Vegas, Toronto and Florida as a youth. A natural born singer, Cole grew up constantly singing other people’s songs, developing a vocal style characterized by a remarkable range of expression. Still, Andrew couldn’t see himself as a performer on stage. When he finally took to the stage and began the process of finding his voice in 2002 he entered and won Stars In Your Eyes, a nationwide UK musical competition; the next year was named the UK’s North West Artist of the Year; over three years of university at Salford in Manchester – the longest uninterrupted time he’d spent in one place – he played the pubs four nights a week, further developing his already substantial vocal chops.
Still his voice as a songwriter remained in lock up, expressed only through his reinterpretations of the songs he chose to cover. It wasn’t until he returned to Canada after his father’s death in late 2004 that he began working on his own material; writing his first song – Why We Wonder’s closing track, We Must Win – in the backyard of his new home in Oakville, Ontario.
When Canadian rock icon Tom Cochrane and his wife Kathleene Cochran, now Cole’s manager, heard rough demos of those first efforts they were convinced by what Cochrane describes as “a voice other singers would die for”, and set out to help the fledgling songwriter realize his potential.

WHY WE WONDER – Although there are shades of David Gray and The Beatles haunting the edges of his voice and arrangements, Cole’s songs and sound are entirely unique: From ‘My Lovely’, which begins as a campfire love song and mutates into a torrent of raging guitars that come on like a swift summer storm and pass just as quickly; to his brutally frank expressions of the dangers of time running out before love on lead single, ‘Out Of Time’; through to ‘Dead Roses’, a country tinged ballad inspired by a simple emotional reaction to a women’s perfume and featuring backing vocals by Kathleen Edwards.

     Why We Wonder was released June 8, 2010 (Crier Records / Fontana North / Universal Music Canada). The video for lead single, Out Of Time, directed by Andrew MacNaughtan, is currently in heavy rotation on MuchMoreMusic.


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