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Guest NYC singer-songwriter Sheri Miller talks music | Winning Hand & NYC

     To hear my interview with my guest New York City native and singer/songwriter Sheri Miller please go to


     Thanks for watching, I’m Bruce Oliver with the Cruise Radio Network and host of the Cruise with Bruce Internet Radio show.

     Sheri Miller is a New York City based musician who writes melodic, poetic and catchy songs on guitar and piano.  The MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE says her songs are written and performed with “exquisite sensitivity…talent…and originality” with her soulful, inspiring, and distinctly unique voice. Upon releasing her critically-acclaimed debut EP, “Mantra” in 2008, which features underground hit “Right Here, Right Now”, Sheri was named one of Music Connection’s “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists,” played on KCRW and Q104.3 FM, and asked to join a 4-part vocal harmony group, The Delilahs, which signed with Sony. Since leaving the band, Sheri has co-written with icon songwriters like J.D. Souther from the Eagles, Shawn Mullins and Jill Sobule. Sheri’s stunning new record, “Winning Hand”, produced by legendary Kevin Killen who also worked with U2 and Peter Gabriel, features incredible musicians like Will Lee of the Fab Faux, CBS Orchestra, Charley Drayton who performed with Fiona Apple, Divinylis and Johnny Cash, and Gerry Leonard who performed with David Bowie and Suzanne Vega.

Sheri Miller – “Inspired with passionate, soulful vocals, poetic, heartfelt lyrics, great songwriting, and super-catchy hooks, the stunning new CD by this authentic, rising artist is one to watch. Produced by Grammy-winning Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel).” – #CyberPR

“Exquisite sensitivity…talented…steadfastly original.”
Anne O’ Neary, Music Connection Magazine

“Alluring…Makes a powerful first impression, and then, even better, a series of more complex and lasting ones.”
Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone

“Soulful voice…excellent songwriting…Superb.”
Mike Cavanaugh, All Access Magazine

“Utterly fantastic…One of the best female singer/songwriters that come across during my time in new media.”
Zack Daggy, The MothPod Podcast

“Devastatingly beautiful songs…sends chills up and down my spine…excellent songwriter, excellent singer.”
Steve Shapiro,

“Riveting…Young, talented performer…daring.”
Mark Fogarty, Music Editor,

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