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I solve this.

I do this by working with over 85 of my destination specialists from all over the world. We help them take their plans for an ordinary vacation or cruise and turn them into a high value fun filled experience.

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Hartford Archdioceses Pilgrimage to Rome

Hartford Archdioceses Pilgrimage to Rome

November 6-16, 2000

Book a Hotel in Rome

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Forestville, CT - Spring Meeting, 2000


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November 6, 2000 - Zurich, Switzerland's Airport


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Rome, Italy - Let's Eat - Grand Hotel Ritz

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Papal Audience - St. Peter's Square (2000 Nov 8)


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Ks. Edward POSPIESZNY is interviewed prior to the audience (bottom right)


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As the Italians say: "There's Papa"


Gala Dinner at the Palazzo Brancaccio - Roma - 2000 Nov 8th


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The Most Reverend Daniel A. Cronin with Rev. Msgr. Thomas M. Ginty (bottom left)


St. Paul's Basilica - Outside the Wall


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As a Roman, St. Paul was beheaded when he was put to death.


  p0002304.jpg (161972 bytes)



Basilica of St. John in Lateran (the seat of the Pope)


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A night with the Tenors of Roma


p000233127.jpg (104508 bytes)  


St Peter's Square


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Coliseum of Roma


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p0002346.jpg (307994 bytes)



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