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You know how most busy people are frustrated with sorting through all of the information on the internet when planning their next luxury vacation or cruise.

I solve this.

I do this by working with over 85 of my destination specialists from all over the world. We help them take their plans for an ordinary vacation or cruise and turn them into a high value fun filled experience.

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Enfield CT Connecticut 360 degree photographic virtual tour Enfield's Town Green

Enfield CT - Connecticut

Town Green Virtual Tour

Just South West of Springfield MA, Enfeld Connecticut got it's name because it was at the end of the field South of Springfield Massachusetts, hense the name Endfield.  As time went along Endfield's name got shortened to Enfield.  Suffield CT is at the South of the field and the other fields include Westfield, MA - Northfield, MA - Eastfield, MA; all surround the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

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360 Virtual Tour Photographer: Bruce L Oliver, Enfield CT*

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*  Bruce is a native of Enfield Connecticut.  His great grandparents settled on a road in the mid 1800's on a road that has sinced been named Oliver Road.  For over 30 years his passion has been photography and recently he has contracted with all types of venues to offer Virtual Tours, is the site dedicated to those tours.


1994-2010 Bruce L Oliver, Enfield, CT


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