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You know how most busy people are frustrated with sorting through all of the information on the internet when planning their next luxury vacation or cruise.

I solve this.

I do this by working with over 85 of my destination specialists from all over the world. We help them take their plans for an ordinary vacation or cruise and turn them into a high value fun filled experience.

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Cruise with Bruce Oliver's Travel Photo Journal

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Travel to Los Angeles and see the Getty Center. Travel to the center located in North Los Angeles California on the I-5.

The Getty Center - Los Angeles, CA


The Getty Center was financed by J Paul Getty. It is a 5 acre plot situated on the top of a hill over looking the city of Los Angeles California. The architecture and grounds of the Getty Center are magnificent and house the Research Library at the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservation Institute, The J Paul Getty Museum, and restaurant. For more information on the Getty Center and for an overview watch the Getty Center Video - The orientation film gives an overview of the current collections that you can view at the Getty Center. Watch the Getty Center orientation film. (9:45) Admission to all Getty Center exhibits and grounds are free.

Travel to Salt Lake City Utah to see the Bingham Copper Mine. The mine is the largest mine in the world. It is 1 mile deep. It will be worth the trip.

360 Virtual Tour of the:

Bingham Copper Mine near Salt Lake City, UT

The Bingham Canyon Mine, AKA Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, is an mile deep open-pit mining operation that has been extracting copper and other mineral deposits for over one hundred years. The Bingham Copper Mine is located Southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah and is still in operation today. In addition to the viewing area of the mine where you can see the terraces made in the ground to the bottom of the copper mine you can also visit the Bingham Canyon Mine Museum that is maintained by the Kennecott Copper Company right on the grounds. The 360° Virtual Tour that you can view by clicking the link above allows you to see the mine from above. For more info on the Kennecott Utah Mine <Click Here>.


Travel to Europe and see Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Paris France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

coming soon - 1985 trip to:

Germany, Lichtenstein, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Info on Travel to Amsterdam

  • Info on Travel to Paris France

  • Info on Travel to Vienna, Austria

  • Info on Travel to Europe



    10 Most Unique Churches in the World



    Travel to Los Angeles and visit Mission Viejo, Semi Valley, Laguna, Capistrano, Newport and Long Beach. See photos of Warner Brothers Studios on a VIP tour. Visit the Reagan Library in Semi Valley and more.

    Los Angeles & Mission Viejo


    This is from my travels to Jackson Hole Wyoming. This full page 360 Virtual Tour of the Grand Tetons National Park shows up full screen when you open it up.

    360 Tour of the

    Grand Tetons

    Page will open up full screen. Click top Right top to close

  • Info on Travel to the State of Wyoming


    Travel to NYC and see the Manhattan Club. It is located on the corner of 7th & 56th 2 blocks from Central Park in mid-town Manhattan. New York City is a beautiful city to travel to.

    Manhattan Club, New York City NYC

    & Times Square

  • Info on Travel to NYC New York

  • AZ Blooms small.jpg (810008 bytes)

    Tucson Arizona



    Travel to San Diego, Coronado, LA, The Rose Parade and The Getty Center


    San Diego | Los Angeles | Pasedena Rose Bowl

  • Info on Travel to San Diego, California


    Travel to Rome Italy and Venice Italy. My pilgrimage to Italy to see the Pope - Nov. 20000 (Rome, Assisi, Florence, Verona, Siena, Venice)


    Rome | Venice | Florence

  • Info on Travel to Vatican City, Rome, Italy

  • Info on Travel to Italy

  • Info on Travel to Florence Italy

  • Info on Travel to Verona, Italy


    Alaska map - cruise from Vancouver to Sitka Alaska then on land to Anchorage Alaska & Fairbanks Alaska


    Cruise | Train | Car

  • Info on Travel to Seattle/Tacoma WA

  • Info on Travel to Portland, OR

  • Info on Travel to Vancouver, BC for cruise to Alaska


    Travel to Zurich Switzerland and Eastern France (including the Magiot Line, Stasbourg, and castles) - 1995 (See the: Dolder Grand Hotel, Mulhouse France,  Alsace Lorraine France, Ribeauville France, Maginot Line World War II, Strasbourg Cathedral)

    FRANCE - Switzerland - Germany

    Zurich | Mulhouse | Strasbourg | Bitche | Lembach

    In 1993, I landed in Zurich, Switzerland for a short stay at the 5 Star Dolder Grand Hotel and visit to the city of Zurich below before leaving on a five day tour of the Alsace Lorraine Region of Western France; a region that has been heavily influenced by the Germans and French Revolution over the last couple of centuries. This trip took us to the Mulhouse Train Museum AKA "Cité du Train", the second day, to a jam packed tour of sites that include: The Strasbourg Cathedral or Cathedrale Strasbourg where we saw the Astronomical Clock and the locks around Strasbourg, The Citadelle de Bitche AKA Zitadelle Bitche, Mont St. Odile & Haut Koenigsbourg Castle both high atop mountains, and to Lembach, France to see the line of underground concrete bunkers of the Ligne Maginot Ouvrage Du Four A Chaux AKA Maginot Line or Ligne Maginot that was named after French Minister of Defense André Maginot.

  • Info on Travel to Switzerland

  • Info on Travel to France

  • Travel to London England and the Lake District (try doing some: london tourism,  tower of london,  house of parliment, lake district uk)

    UK - England

    Multi-Map UK   London Transport

    A month after the death of Princess Dianna I visited London, England for the first time. London has become a city that I love and visited several times in the 90's. The five day tour took us to all of the major sites known to tourists from all over the world.

    We were able to make this whirl wind tour because we had an unlimited pass to ride on The Tube or Underground (public subway and transportation system) quickly and easily. The Tube allowed us to descend deep into the ground of the Victorian hubs numerous times and ascend five miles across town minutes later which made everything possible. A similar cab ride took us an hour one time that week after hours. Because of this we packed plenty into the short trip including: The British Museum, Buckingham Palace and Saint James Park, we sat through a session of the British Parliament and visited the Westminster Cathedral and shopped at the famous Harrods Department Store. During this trip I purchased a sketch at Sotheby's London Auction House on 34-35 New Bond Street and many other treasures from Liberty's of London, etc.

  • Info on Travel to England


    Travel to Egypt - 1998 (See a egyptian pyramid photos,  the great pyramid of giza, step pyramid,  temple of queen hatshepsut,  abu simbel picture, ancient egyptian boat, and Luxor on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt)

    EGYPT Cruise Tour

    Cairo | Luxor | Aswan | Abu Simbel

    Movie of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt


  • Info on Travel to Cairo, Egypt

  • Info on Travel to Luxor, Egypt

  • Info on Travel to Africa


    Pictures of Enfield, Connecticut USA - Enfield Town Hall

    History of Enfield, CT


    Enfield Connecticut Town Green

    360 Virtual Tour


    Suffield Connecticut

    Town Green

    360 Virtual Tour




    <Click Here>

    Manchester Connecticut

    Buckland Hills Mall

    looking towards Hartford CT

    360 Virtual Tour


    Travel to Beijing China, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and Hong Kong - 1998 (the great wall of china, beijing's forbidden city, xian's terracotta warriors, sail up the Yangtzee River and see the 3 Gorges Dam Project, etc)


    Beijing | Xian | Wuhan | Yangtze | Guilin | Shanghai

    In June and July of 1998, I spent 23 days traveling throughout China. Up North we stayed in Beijing & visited the Forbidden City, saw the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs and hiked up the Great Wall of China. Next we flew on China Air to Wuhan to start a 5 day cruise up the Yangtze River for 260 miles visiting the 3 Gorges and Dam. Next we flew to Xian where we visited the site of the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors. No trip to China would be complete unless you visit the Guilin Region where the mountains look like spikes shooting to the sky as you cruise the River Li through the mountainous region. Then on to Hong Kong with visits to Victoria Peak and the fishing village on Hong Kong Island. The trip wrapped up with a flight into Shanghai China where we visited the Bund and saw the gardens famous in that area.

  • Info for Travel to Beijing, China

  • Info on Travel to Hong Kong, China

  • Info on Travel to Shanghai, China

  • Info on Travel to Xian, China to see the Terracotta Warriors

  • Travel to London England, then cruise to St. Petersburg Russia and the Scandinavian Capitals - 1999 (Visit the hermitage,  hermitage museum, the hermitage, helsinki finland, oslo norway, stockholm sweeden, see cobalt blue glass, tower of london)

    England - Germany - Russia - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Norway

    Cruise Tour to London England, Dover England, The Keil Canal, Weinberg Germany, St Petersburg Russia, Helsinki Finland, Stockholm Sweden, Copenhagen Denmark, Oslo Norway

  • Info on Travel to London, England

  • Info on Travel to the United Kingdom

  • Info on Travel to Dover, England

  • Info on Travel to Frankford, Germany

  • Info on Travel to Scandinavia

  • Info on Travel to Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Info on Travel to Oslo, Norway

  • Info on Travel to Russia

  • Info on Travel to St Petersburg, Russia

  • Info on Travel to Sweden

  • Travel to Nassau, Bahamas - 1999 (atlantis paradise island, atlantis resort nassau, any time you travel to Nassau in the Bahamas, you'll have a great trip)

    Bahama Cruise Tour

    Nassau | Atlantis

  • Info for Travel to The Bahamas

  • Info for Travel to Paradise Island

  • Info for Travel to Nassau


    March 2000 Weekend



    Travel to St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Thousands visit St Thomas ports on cruises around the Caribbean. We flew there and stayed at the Blue Beard Castle Resort on the top of a hill overlooking the cruise ships.

    coming soon - 1991

    St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

    Blue Beard's Castle

  • Info on Travel to St Thomas


    Travel to British Hong Kong, Shezen Guangzhou, and Dongguan China as well as the New Chinese Territories and Kawloon. This trip was prior to the Chinese take over in 1998.

    coming soon - 1993

    British Hong Kong & China

    Hong Kong Island, Kowloon & the new territories - Shenzhen, Guangzhou (AKA Canton), Dongguan, China


    Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland - London, England - Bath and Stonehenge

    coming soon - 1992

    England - Scotland

    Edinburgh, London, Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge

  • Info on Travel to the United Kingdom (UK)

  • Info on Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Info on Travel to Windsor, England

  • 60th Birthday Party

    Celebrating with Karl


    Travel to New Mexico through over 20 US States. Travel to see the Arch in St Louis, Indianapolis 500 Speedway, Chicago, Colorado Springs Air Force Academy, and more.

    coming soon - 1968

    Crew Chief of

    Eagle Scouts going to:

    Philmont National

    Scout Camp

    New England to Cimarron, New Mexico

    15 day bus trip - 12 day 250+ mile hike


    Travel to Seattle and Redmond, as well as my travels to Orlando, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Hawaii, Denver and Boston.

    coming soon

    My Days with

    Microsoft Corp

    (National Sales Meetings, etc)

    Seattle, Orlando, New Orleans, Redmond, Scottsdale, Boston, Denver

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