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Hello, I'm Bruce Oliver, the owner of this website and sponsor the Writers Workshops on cruise ships. As a travel agency owner, blog writer and publisher of a custom magazine for travel I have the following question for you:

"Are you an aspiring writer that hopes to get published or are you a seasoned veteran with published novels or magazine articles to your credit?"

Well, regardless of what your background is with journalism, writing or publishing, if you're like me, you are always interested in learning more. That is the reason why this cruise workshop for all types of writers has been developed and offered to you and the public.

In 2013, I begin hosting writers on 7-day cruises from the Northeast and West Coasts. We will board our cruise ship and sit in on workshops conducted by award winning authors and writers. We will also enjoy everything that our cruise ship has to offer including the destination we are going to. How about visiting Alaska and the coast of New England in addition to learning more about the writing profession or avocation?



Featured Cruise Ship Writers Workshop Lecturers




Writers Workshop Cruise Lecturer - Michael Cervin


Take a cruise to Alaska with Michael Cervin, published author and wine critic on the West Coast.





Writers Workshop Cruise Lecturer - Rick Robinson



Take a foliage cruise along the coast of New England with Rick Robinson, award winning author and college lecturer in the Northeast.







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About Michael Cervin

Michael Cervin is from Santa Barbara, California. Before settling in the coastal city of Santa Barbara, Michael worked as an actor in Hollywood. He had guest appearances on several well known TV shows including: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Grace Under Fire, The Young and the Restless, It’s A Miracle, and others. But since moving to Santa Barbara ten years ago, Michael started writing about the wine industry. He's been a wine, spirits and food judge for Moon Handbook: SANTA BARBARA & The Central Coast by Michael Cervin actor writer radio host and food & wine criticcompetitions all over the world including: California, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Virginia. His articles on wine, food and travel have appeared in over 70 magazines such as: Decanter, Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast, The Tasting Panel, Santa Barbara Magazine, Westways, Skywest, and Juxtapoz . He is currently the restaurant critic for the Santa Barbara News-Press. And Michael Cervin has hosted the the award-winning "Around The World Radio" travel show. His radio guests have ranged from Jonathan Winters to Dan Aykroyd, Mario Andretti, Gina Gallo and other celebrities. In November, 2010, Michael's guest was the Patriarch of the Mondavi Vineyards, Peter Mondavi.









About Rick Robinson

Rick Robinson has spent thirty years in politics and law, including a stint on Capitol Hill as Legislative Director/Chief Counsel to then-Congressman Jim Bunning (R-KY). He has been active in all levels of politics, from advising candidates on the national level to walking door-to-door in city council races. He ran for the United States Congress in 1998.

Rick’s first book, The Maximum Contribution, was named a “Finalist” in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Books Awards in the genre of political fiction. It also won an Honorable Mention at the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival. His latest book, Sniper Bid, was released on Election Day 2009 and opened on Amazon’s Top Seller list at #46 of political fiction. Sniper Bid has earned 5 national awards: Finalist USA Book News Best Books of 2009; Finalist Best Indie Novel Next Generation Indie Books Awards; Runner-up at the 2009 Nashville Book Festival; Honorable Mentions at the 2008 New England Book Festival and the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival. Throughout 2009 both books appeared on Amazon’s Top Seller List on the same day.

Rick’s third offering, Manifest Destiny, was released in the spring of 2010. It was named Best Fiction at the Paris Book Festival, a Finalist for Best Fiction in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, a finalist for best thriller in the USA Book News Best Book Awards, Best Fiction at the New York Book Festival, a Finalist as Best Thriller in the Indie Excellence Awards, and won Honorable mention in the London Book Festival, the Beach Book Festival, the Hollywood Book Festival and the San Francisco Book Festival.

Robinson writes a weekly column for The Daily Caller, a DC based political e-zine. He has also written for Shotgun Life magazine and OneNewEngland.com. These columns are regularly featured topics on talk radio shows throughout the country. Robinson uses GuestMatch.com to promote these columns and his books to talk radio.

A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Rick currently practices law in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky with the law firm of Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP. Rick, and his wife Linda, live in Ft. Mitchell with their three children, Josh, Zach and MacKenzie.

Rick Robinson keeps an extremely active schedule of public appearances, book signings and speeches promoting his books. Evaluations from his workshop panels are always glowing. He is a member of Speakermatch.com which he uses to book speeches.

2008 National Association of State Legislatures – keynote – “Everything I wanted to know about Leadership/Politics, I learned from watching The Godfather” The same presentation has been given as a keynote to the 2010 PayChoice National Users Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, the Council on Aging, Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, the Ohio Head Start Association, the Kentucky Republican Executive Committee and numerous local organizations.

About Bruce Oliver

Bruce L. Oliver, BS, MBA, FOSA – Enfield, Connecticut (CT) is a graduate of UMASS, Amherst, MA, the University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT and Microsoft University, Bellevue, WA. In 1984, Bruce completed the highest level of recognition with Toastmasters International, the degree of Competent Toastmaster. He has certifications to teach biological, environmental and secondary sciences from UMASS, Amherst and had his real estate license Connecticut. He has travel photographer press credentials from the National Press Association and the International Travel Writers & Photographers Association. His agency has CLIA, IATA, and other travel related certifications helpful to those who wish to book luxury travel and cruise tickets and he works with all of the major travel vendors all over the world.

Bruce Oliver is a  world traveler (he's traveled and cruised through over 38 countries throughout North America, Europe & the UK, Africa, Central America, and Asia.  He's been on cruises to the Scandinavian Capitals and Russia, on the Yangtze in China and the Nile in Egypt as well as to over nine other ports around the world.

As a Visiting Professor, Oliver taught graduate level courses in office automation, programming and information technology at the Barney School of Business Administration while on staff at the University of Hartford and his students were from all over the world. His consulting firm Professional Office Solutions specializes in office automation, data management and internet systems. His web sites are constantly ranked #1 and #2 on the Google and Yahoo search engines for photography, leadership and network marketing, management and photography. His web site: http://Enfield-CT.com is mentioned in Wikipedia and highlights his 30 year photographic history of the town of Enfield, CT.  His travel and real estate photographs have been published in The Connecticut Magazine, Connecticut Home and Gardens, Home by Design and on web sites all over the internet (including the site http://SeeAroundPhotos.com).

Honors include biographical inserts in the prestigious “Marquis” publications: Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World since 2000. He is the 1994 recipient of the Merit Award from Connecticut’s Board of Higher Education and the Community Colleges for his eight year tenure on the board and for his service as chair of the state’s educational technology committee for the community college system.

He is currently the CEO of Axis Mundi Systems, LLC - Cruise with Bruce Enterprises in Nevada. He specializes in the automation and promotion a travel agency, radio network and several online businesses. In August, 2012, he launched a customized magazine for clients and friends who love to travel and cruise. Bruce is also host of the Cruise Radio Network's - Cruise with Bruce Radio Program that started airing in May of 2010. In September, 2012, Bruce has been asked to host an international radio show Destination Jazz on the Adore Jazz radio network. Adore Jazz has a huge following on the internet and where ever programming is available on terrestrial radio stations around the world.

Current Writers Workshops Cruises

Alaskan Writers Workshop Cruise - September 15, 2013

Join Michael Cervin and a Literary Agent who will present a workshop that will kick start your career and writers skill set.

New England Coastline Writers Workshop Cruise - Date to be Determined

Join Rick Robinson and a Literary Agent who will also kick start your career in journalism as well as help you get published.

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